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Selected press, noteworthy links, Tweets and other social media mentions of Sludge's reporting. Documenting our investigative journalism's impacts on the landscape of money in politics.

Sludge in the News
NYC Councilmember Carlos Menchaca speaks in favor of an #AbolishICE Resolution, prompted by a Sludge investigation, before it passes the NYC Council.

Selected press, noteworthy links, Tweets and other social media mentions of Sludge’s reporting. Continually updated, get in touch with any additions.

Oct. 2, 2018 

Think Progress–”Sugar and secrecy: Emails show Trump’s Department of Agriculture cozying up to big biz on SNAP”–links to Alex Kotch’s Sept. 27th investigation into soda lobbyists and USDA.

Oct. 1, 2018

New Food Economy–links to Alex Kotch’s Sept. 27th investigation

Sept. 27, 2018

ReThink Democracy email newsletter–highlights Sept. 26th data analysis by Josefa Velasquez on Facebook lobbying of state governments.

Sept. 24, 2018

WNYC–co-published story with David Sirota of Capital & Main and Jay Cassano of Sludge, with 4m audio interview of David Sirota broadcast several times during day.

Sept. 24, 2018

NYC subreddit–over 1.1k upvotes and 119 comments on co-published WNYC story with Sludge and Capital & Main.

Follow-up article late on Monday, Sept. 24th, in NY Post: The letter and the potential conflict were first reported by WNYC radio, in partnership with the muckraking websites Sludge and Capital & Mail.” [sic]

Sept. 21, 2018

Today in #OpenGov email newsletter, Sunlight Foundation–links to Alex Kotch’s Sept. 20th article on Rep. Lois Frankel’s (D-Fla.) sale of stock in private prison companies.

Sept. 19, 2018

EveryVoice email newsletter–links to Alex Kotch’s Sept. 18th investigation into an unregistered Brooklyn political club.

Sept. 17, 2018

Every Voice email newsletter–links to Jay Cassano’s Sept. 16th article on dark money action in the Supreme Court.

Sept. 17, 2018

Every Voice email newsletter–links to Jay Cassano’s Sept. 16th article on dark money action in the Supreme Court.

Sept. 14, 2018

HuffPost Opinion–Sean McElwee links to two Alex Kotch pieces, from July 31st and August 14th, on special interests funding NY Senate incumbents.

Sept. 13, 2018

Nick Confessore, reporter–Twitter, links to Alex Kotch’s Aug. 13th Twitter thread on NYC real estate donations.

Sept. 13, 2018

Sean McElwee–email newsletter, links to Sept. 28th money-in-politics event with Alex Kotch at Civic Hall.

Sept. 13, 2018

Julia Salazar for NY State Senate campaignTwitter–links to Alex Kotch’s Sept. 12th investigation into shadowy Brooklyn political club donations.

Sept. 12, 2018

New York City Council Resolution 0513 of 2018, “Establishing a Humane Immigration Enforcement System Act”–approved in stated Council meeting by voice vote. The resolution was prompted by CM Menchaca’s “#AbolishICE” Intro 1092 in Immigration Committee. Video link to hearing on Legistar meeting page, and full Council vote on stated meeting page (Councilmember Rosenthal speaks on Resolution 0513 at 38:40m in to video, Councilmember Menchaca at 40:30m in, full Council voice vote to approve at 43 minutes in).

Minutes from NYC Council stated meeting, Sept. 12, 2018, on #AbolishICE resolution.

Sept. 12, 2018

ReThink Democracy–money-in-politics email newsletter–links to Josefa Velasquez’s Sept. 11th investigation into Gov. Cuomo’s donations from contractors. Also featured in New York Post, Sept. 12th.

Sept. 12, 2018

Popular Information–email newsletter by Judd Legum, several links to Josefa Velasquez’s Aug. 30th investigation into real estate spending against Zephyr Teachout (a collaboration with FAQ NYC) and Sept. 10th follow-up with Alex Kotch on last-minute spending against Teachout.

Sept. 11th, 2018

Ian Bassin, former Associate White House Counsel–Twitter–links to Sludge’s Sept. 10th investigation into NY real estate donations.

Sept. 10, 2018

Splinter News–cites Alex Kotch and Josefa Velasquez’s Sept. 10th investigation into NY real estate spending against A.G. candidate Zephyr Teachout.

Sept. 7, 2018

Voices of NY–links to Josefa Velasquez’s July 13th follow-up investigation on sanctuary jurisdictions contracting with ICE.

Sept. 7, 2018

Pro-Market — links to Alex Kotch’s Sept. 6th investigation into Jeff Bezos’ donations.

Sept. 6, 2018

Follow The Money – Twitter – links to Alex Kotch’s Sept.. 6th investigation into Jeff Bezos’ donations.

Sept. 5, 2018

Techdirt – Karl Bode links to Donny Shaw’s Aug. 30th exposé of AT&T lobbying in California.

Techdirt, Sept. 5th, 2018, citing Sludge’s investigation

Sept. 6, 2018

CNN’s KFILE — cites Alex Kotch’s Aug. 9th investigation into Rep. Paul Gosar’s trip to speak at anti-Muslim rally.

Sept. 5, 2018

NYC Council Member Carlos Menchaca (Dist. 38) – Facebook post, – links to David Moore’s Sept. 5th article on #AbolishICE legislation in NYC Council.

Sept. 5th, 2018

Reddit /nyc — comments on Josefa Velasquez’s Sept. 4th article on MoveOn’s NY Senate primary endorsements.

Sept. 3, 2018

Zack Fink, NY1 News, Twitter – follows-up on Jay Cassano’s co-published, with David Sirota, Aug. 29th scoop on Gov. Cuomo, Cy Vance and David Boies.

Sept. 3, 2018

American Cetacean Society – Twitter, – links to Jay Cassano’s Aug. 21st investigation into whale lobbying.

Kerri Harris – U.S. Senate candidate – campaign statement cites Sludge’s Aug. 31, 2018 investigation into Sen. Carper (D, DE) family’s investments in opioid companies by Alex Kotch. 

Tarbell – Under the Influence email newsletter, Aug. 30, 2018 – links to Josefa Velasquez’s Aug. 28th article on DNA testing companies.

Politico New York, Aug. 30 – links to Sludge’s Aug. 30 investigation on real estate donations, collaboration with FAQ NYC.

City & State First Read Tonight email newsletter – Aug. 30, 2018 – links to Josefa Velasquez’s Aug. 30 investigation into real estate donations in NY A.G. race, a collaboration with FAQ NYC.

ReThink Democracy email newsletter – Aug. 30, 2018 – third item is a link to Sludge scoop on Aug. 29th, co-published with Capital & Main.

Cynthia Nixon campaign statement – Aug. 30, 2018, on Gov. Cuomo and Harvey Weinstein investigation, links to The Cut post on Aug. 29th, citing Sludge scoop co-published with Capital & Main. Also referenced on Cynthia Nixon’s Twitter, Aug. 30th.

Karl Bode – Twitter, Aug. 30, 2018 – links to Donny Shaw’s Aug. 30 exposé on AT&T lobbying in CA.

Broadly – Marie Solis, Aug. 29th, 2018 – links to Jay Cassano’s Aug. 29th article on Gov. Cuomo, co-published with David Sirota.

QZ – Annalisa Merelli, NY Gov. debate preview – embeds Josefa Velasquez’s Tweets on Aug. 28th.

– Annalisa Merelli, NY Gov. debate preview – embeds Josefa Velasquez’s Tweets on Aug. 28th.

Zephyr Teachout’s campaign for Democratic NY Attorney General nomination – Tweet , Aug. 29th – links to Jay Cassano’s Aug. 29th article on Gov. Cuomo, co-published with David Sirota.

Twitter Moments – Aug. 29th, 2018 – links to Jay Cassano’s  Aug. 29th Sludge article on Boeis donations, co-published with David Sirota.

CBS News, Grace Segers – Aug. 29th, 2018 – NY debate preview embeds links to Aug. 28th Tweet from Josefa Velasquez.

Albert Samaha, Buzzfeed criminal justice reporter – Twitter, Aug. 29th, 2018 – links to Aug. 29th Sludge scoop by Jay Cassano, co-published with David Sirota of Capital & Main.

The Guardian, opinion, “US bombs are killing children in Yemen. Does anybody care?” – Moustafa Bayoumi, Aug. 25, 2018.

Spectrum News, reporter roundtable video with Sludge’s Josefa Velasquez, “Governor Cuomo, Cynthia Nixon, ready to face-off” – Capital Tonight Staff, Aug. 24, 2018.

ReThink Media – Peace and Security program, email newsletter – Aug. 22, 2018

Exposed blog, by Center for Media and Democracy – “ALEC Launches Effort to Protect Gerrymandering from Judges”, co-published from Sludge’s Josefa Velasquez, Aug. 21, 2018

ReThink Media, Fair Courts email newsletter – “ALEC launches effort…” top link, Sludge story by Josefa Velasquez – Aug. 21, 2018

Diane Ravitch’s blog, New York: Who Is Illegally Funding the “Democrats” Who Vote with the Republicans FOR Charter Schools and AGAINST Raising Taxes on the Rich? – Aug. 16, 2018–links to Aug. 18th Alex Kotch investigation into special interest funding of NY Senate incumbents, formerly IDC members.

Sean McElwee email newsletter, link to Alex Kotch’s investigation on NY Senate former IDC member funding – Aug. 16, 2018

NYC subreddit, link to Alex Kotch on NY Senate IDC, Aug. 15, 2018

Politico NY Playbook, link to Alex Kotch on NY Senate IDC funding – Aug. 15, 2018

City & State NY email newsletter, link to Alex Kotch on NY Senate IDC, Aug. 14, 2018

Julie Goldberg, Twitter, link to NY Senate IDC piece, Aug. 14, 2018

Phoenix New Times, “Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar’s Far-Right London Trip Funded by Fringe Group”, Aug. 10, 2018

Bedford + Bowery, link to Sludge report on oil & gas industry donations to Gov. Cuomo, Aug. 9, 2018

The Daily Beast, “Donald Trump Talks About a War on the Press. Andrew Cuomo Is Waging One.” – Alex Pareene, Aug. 8, 2018, links to Josefa Velasquez’s piece on small donors to Gov. Cuomo

EveryVoice email newsletter, campaign finance section, Aug. 7, 2018 – links to Alex Kotch on federal court ruling on dark money.

CoinTelegraph, “US: Chair of House Judiciary Committee Discloses Ownership of Cryptocurrency”, Ana Alexandre – Aug. 7th, links to Jay Cassano’s report on Aug. 6th.

CCN, “House Judiciary Chair Bob Goodlatte Owns as Much as $80,000 in Bitcoin: Report” – Aug. 6, 2018, links to Jay Cassano’s report for Sludge on Aug. 6th.

Neeraj K. Agrawal, director of communications at Coin Center – Twitter, Aug. 6, 2018, linking to Jay Cassano’s report on Sludge.

NY Assemblymember Ron Kim, Medium, “Open letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo on Puerto Rico” – links to Sludge’s bondholder piece by Alex Kotch – Aug. 4, 2018

David Sirota, Twitter, Aug. 3rd, 2018

Sean McElwee, Twitter and email newsletter, link to NY Senate’s IDC piece by Sludge’s Alex Kotch – Aug. 2, 2018

Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain – link to Jay Cassano article on Yemen war – Celia Pena-Gomez, Aug. 2, 2018

FollowTheMoney, Twitter, Aug. 1st, links to NY Senate IDC piece by Alex Kotch from July 31, 2018.

EveryVoice email newsletter, links to NY Senate IDC piece, Aug. 1, 2018

Julie Goldberg, NY Senate candidate, Twitter, July 31, 2018 – links to Alex Kotch’s piece on IDC donations.

City & State NY, email newsletter, links to Alex Kotch’s piece on IDC donations, July 31, 2018 

Rachel May, NY Senate candidate, Twitter, July 31, 2018 – links to IDC donations piece.

David Beard, Twitter, July 30 2018 – links to July 6th Sludge ICE investigation

ReThink Media – email newsletter – July 27, 2018 – links to Sludge report by Josefa Velasquez on Michigan redistricting measure.

Futurism article on Civil, Victor Tangermann, July 26, 2018

The American Prospect, “Trump’s and the Koch Brothers’ War on Disclosure” – Eliza Newlin Carney, July 26, 2018 – links to Donny Shaw’s article on IRS rules

David Dayen, email newsletter, links to Cuomo & Puerto Rico piece – July 26, 2018

EveryVoice email newsletter, links to Sludge article on Gov. Cuomo and Puerto Rico bondholders – July 26, 2018

LittleSis, Twitter, July 25, 2018 – links to Gov. Cuomo & Puerto Rico bondholders article.

EveryVoice email newsletter, July 25, 2018 – links to Jay Cassano’s Sludge piece on FEC regulations.

Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, “PRIVATE PRISON COMPANY DONATES TO RICK SCOTT SUPER PAC DESPITE CONTRIBUTION BAN” – Andrew Perez (MapLight), July 24, 2018 – links to Sludge’s ICE investigation

The Baltimore Sun (video may auto-play), “Hopkins must break with ICE — now” – op-ed by Mira Wattal, Corey Payne, Emeline Armitage – July 19, 2018 – links to Sludge’s ICE investigation

UnKoch My Campus, Twitter, July 19 – links to Alex Kotch piece on white supremacist candidates, from July 3rd.

The Appeal email newsletter, Tuesday July 17th, links to Josefa Velasquez’s follow-up ICE investigation from July 13th.

Putnam Daily Voice, “‘Facebook Twins’ Awarded State Approval Weeks After $100K Cuomo Donation, Says Report” – July 18 and July 22, 2018 – links to Josefa Velasquez’s July 17th report on Winklevoss donations.

Slate, “Andrew Cuomo’s Friends Are Suddenly Giving Him Lots of Small Donations” – Josh Voorhees, July 17, 2018 – embeds of original research in Tweets by Josefa Velasquez

EveryVoice email newsletter, Campaign Finance section, July 18, 2018 – links to Josefa Velasquez’s July 17th report on Winklevoss donations.

Common Dreams, “…Trump’s Treasury Dept. Makes It Easier for “Dark Money” Groups to Hide Secret Donors” – Jessica Corbett, July 17, 2018, links to Donny Shaw’s July 16th report on IRS ruling:

  • … also linked in ReThink Media email newsletter, July 17th:

Western Journal, “Report: Feinstein Failed To Disclose Husband’s $100k Facebook Stock Before Zuckerberg Hearing” – Jack Davis, July 14, 2018 – cites coverage of Jay Cassano’s July 11th scoop for Sludge on Sen. Feinstein and Facebook hearings.

Patch – Oak Lawn, IL – Twitter – Friday, July 13th

Documented – “Former CIA Subcontractor Deports Immigrants for ICE” – fellow First Fleet newsroom on Civil – Max Siegelbaum, July 13, 2018 – cites Sludge’s ICE investigation public database from July 6th.

San Jose Mercury News, “Sen. Feinstein failed to disclose husband’s Facebook stock before Zuckerberg testified: report” – Seung Lee, July 12, 2018, cites Jay Cassano’s scoop for Sludge from July 11. Re-published in East Bay Times, July 11, 2018.

Wolf PAC, Twitter, July 11, 2018 – links to Sludge expose of lobbyists married to Congressional staff from June 20th, 2018.

MoveOn – official Facebook page – July 11, 2018 – links to Sludge’s original July 6th ICE contractor investigation by Alex Kotch and Josefa Velasquez.

SF Reporter – “ICE Cold Cash” – Aaron Cantú, July 10, 2018 – links to ICE investigation and quotes reporter Alex Kotch.

Make The Road NY – Twitter – July 10, 2018

LaCrosse Tribune – “La Crosse County Board member gave campaign donation to accused white supremacist” – Randy Erickson, July 10, 2018 – links to July 3rd report on donations by Alex Kotch. After Sludge’s report, Berg requested his donation to Nehlen’s campaign be returned.

EveryVoice email newsletter – July 10, 2018 – links to Josefa Velasquez’s Sludge article from July 9th, on Facebook ad spending around SCOTUS nomination.

Sam Thielman, Twitter, and Jerry Ianelli, Twitter, links to Sludge’s ICE investigation – July 9, 2018

Columbia Journalism Review – “TL;DR: Tools for covering ICE” – Sam Theilman, CJR – July 9, 2018 – links to ICE investigation.

Sean McElwee, Twitter, link to ICE investigation, July 6, 2018

Counterpunch – “Roaming Charges: America, Unchecked and Unbalanced” – Jeffrey St. Clair, July 6, 2018, links to Sludge’s original investigation, “Who is making money from ICE in your state?”

Reveal News – “The Hate Report: Government officials donate to alt-right politicians” – Aaron Sankin, July 6, 2018, links to Alex Kotch article on July 3rd on donations to white supremacist candidates.

Molly Jong-Fast, Twitter, July 6, 2018, link to ICE investigation

Melissa Mark-Viverito, former NYC Council Speaker, Twitter, July 6, 2018

Common Dreams, “…Prominent Group ‘End Citizens United’ Called Out for Backing Democrats Drowning in Corporate Cash” – Jake Johnson, July 5, 2018, citing Donny Shaw investigation for Sludge on July 3rd.

David Sirota, Twitter, July 5, links to Donny Shaw on End Citizens United from July 3rd.

Move To Amend – July 5, 2018 – re-print of Donny Shaw’s investigation on End Citizens United (linked on Twitter).

Subreddit for University of California-Irvine – July 3, 2018, links to Alex Kotch report on white supremacist candidates

TYT Investigates – “Dems Oppose Private Prisons But Take Cash From the Industry”, by Sludge’s Alex Kotch for TYT – June 29, 2018

HuffPost, “Andrew Cuomo Walks Back Statement Saying He’ll Stop Taking Fossil Fuel Money” – Andrew C. Kaufman, June 28, 2018 – links to Sludge investigation, originally Apr. 28, 2018.

Sen. Jon Tester, Twitter, June 27, 2018 – links to Donny Shaw on Senate e-filing bill, from June 26th.

Noah Pransky – Twitter – June 26th, 2018, links to Jay Cassano’s investigation on former Rep. Buck McKeon, June 25th.

Politico CA Playbook, June 26, 2018 – links to Jay Cassano’s investigation on former Rep. Buck McKeon, June 25th.

Rep. Ro Khanna – Twitter – June 25, 2018 – to McKeon exposé.

Anna Massoglia, OpenSecrets, Twitter – June 25, 2018 – links to McKeon story.

EveryVoice email newsletter, June 25, 2018, links to June 23 article by Josefa Velasquez on Rep. Joe Crowley’s primary campaign donations.

EveryVoice email newsletter, June 22nd, 2018, links to June 20th story by Alex Kotch, Donny Shaw and Jay Cassano on spouses of Congressional staffers lobbying for special interests.

Techdirt – article by Karl Bode, June 21st, 2018, links to Donny Shaw’s June 19th expose of AT&T astroturf group CALinnovates.

OpenSecrets – Twitter, June 21st, links to Sludge spouse investigation from June 20th.

ReThink Media newsletter, June 21st. Screen grab TK- ed.

Motherboard – Karl Bode, June 20th, links to June 19th story by Donny Shaw on CALInnovates front group.

Fight For the Future – Twitter, June 19th, links to Donny Shaw’s Sludge story on CALinnovates in California.

Journalist Jane Meyer, Twitter, June 19th – links to Alex Kotch’s June 18th story on Koch Brothers tax policy lobbying.

Politico Playbook, June 17th, 2018, links to Jay Cassano and Alex Kotch June 11th article on shadowy Pentagon lobbyists.

The Majority Report with Sam Seder – “The Arms Industry Pipeline That Could Lead to War With China w/ Jay Cassano – MR Live – 6/14/18”, on Sludge’s June 11th launch-day feature.

BTRToday podcast – June 15th, 2018 – interview with Alex Kotch on Sludge’s June 11th Pentagon lobbying investigation.

Politico Defense email newsletter – June 14, 2018 – links to Jay Cassano and Alex Kotch’s June 11th launch day feature story.

Longform, June 12th, 2018 – highlights Sludge’s launch-day feature story by Jay Cassano and Alex Kotch.

Anna Massoglia, researcher, – Twitter – June 11th link to Sludge launch-day article by Jay Cassano and Alex Kotch.

Reddit /KeepOurNetFree – June 11th, link to launch-day investigation on net neutrality by Donny Shaw.

Avi Asher-Schapiro, Twitter – June 12, 2018 – praise for Sludge launch-day story on DoD lobbying by Jay Cassano.

Sean McElwee, Twitter – June 11, 2018 – Sludge launch day shout-out. Brooklyn – March 16th, 2018 – “Blockchain journalism startup Sludge hires 3 veteran reporters” – Josefa, Jay, and Alex.

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