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Outside the office at 58 Vermont St. in Brooklyn, NY.David Moore/Sludge

Citizens’ Group Files Complaint Against Mystery Club Connected to New York State Senator

After Sludge exposed an unregistered political group in New York City, government watchdog Reinvent Albany has filed a formal complaint against the group, the Northeast Brooklyn Democratic Club, which likely violated campaign finance laws.

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Seeking Signatures, Ballot Campaigns Face Social Distancing Challenges

Organizers working to gather petition signatures seek to protect public health and safety while qualifying for the November ballot.

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Mnuchin’s Fortune Tied to Companies He Can Bail Out

Through his $454 billion bailout fund, Mnuchin can boost the stocks of companies comprising some of his largest investments.

Ban Members of Congress From Lobbying For Life

The massive corporate bailout shows that lobbyists have their grip on Washington. Congress' next ethics reform package needs to slam shut the revolving door.