Heidi Heitkamp Lobbies Against a Democratic FCC

The former Democratic senator is running misleading ads claiming that FCC nominee Gigi Sohn would be bad for rural America.

Publishing Giants Are Fighting Libraries on E-Books

The Association of American Publishers filed suit to block a new Maryland law that aims to increase public libraries' access to e-books, with support from a powerful copyright lobbying group.

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Has a New Corporate Megadonor

Amazon donated $1.7 million to the group last year as it faced allegations of illegal anti-union work.

Schrier Buys Up to $1.5 Million in Apple Stock

She reported the purchase months after making it, an apparent violation of federal law.

Senators Own up to $25 Million in Big Tech Stocks

Senators invested in tech stocks like Amazon, Apple, and Google may soon be voting on antitrust bills introduced in the Senate that would impact their portfolios.

Members of Congress Own Millions in Facebook Stock While Weighing New Tech Laws

Here are the senators and representatives who hold stock in Facebook.

While Inquiring on Facebook’s Bottom Line, Hickenlooper is Invested in the Company

The senator's $FB shares are worth as much as $500,000.

Blue Dog-Affiliated Website Blurs Line Between Newsroom and Political Advertiser

The Well News, founded by employees of a Blue Dog-affiliated nonprofit, appears to be exploiting a campaign finance loophole to run ads boosting Blue Dog Democrats.

Gates Foundation Was Major Donor to Pro-Biden ‘Dark Money’ Network

The parent organization of a Democratic "dark money" behemoth received nearly $70 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2020 as it financed super PACs boosting Joe Biden's presidential campaign.