Florida GOP Deregulates Nursing Homes

Florida’s Republican politicians are shielding their campaign donors from liability while chipping away at safety standards for elderly residents.

Pharma Lobbyist-Run Group Places $300k Ad Buy for Kurt Schrader

The dark-money group Center Forward, which is buying the ads, has received millions from the pharmaceutical industry in recent years.

Biden’s Big Pharma Pick for FDA Could Squeak Through With Help From Pharma-Funded Republicans

Four Republicans with extensive ties to the pharmaceutical industry have already said they plan to cross the aisle and support Califf's confirmation to be commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration.

Senators Against Generic Covid-19 Vaccines Have Gotten 2x Pharma Cash

A group of Republican senators sought to block U.S. support for an IP waiver for Covid-19 vaccines, a proposal that is strongly opposed by the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharma Front Group Hosted House Staffers at Luxury Resort Before BBB Vote

Days before the House voted on the Build Back Better Act, Center Forward hosted dozens of congressional staffers to discuss policy issues with lobbyists.

Health Insurance and Pharma Lobbyists Max Out to the Dem Party

The Senate braces for a showdown over expanding Medicare to include dental and vision benefits after healthcare industry lobbyists have bundled six-figure donations for Democrats’ campaign arms.

Schumer Took a $66k Bundle of Checks From the Health Insurance Industry’s Top Lobbyist

The bundle was given as the health insurance industry was lobbying against Medicare dental, vision, and hearing coverage being included in the Build Back Better Act.

Top House Dem Buys Stock in Pharma Companies and Defense Contractors

House Budget Chair John Yarmuth is a frequent stock trader who recently purchased shares in companies that are lobbying against the Democrats' budget plan.

More and More Medicare Money is Flowing to Private Equity

Recent academic studies have found that private equity investment is rushing in to for-profit healthcare companies, but patients may not benefit.