Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass.) and former New York Rep. Joe Crowley (right) Getty Images/AFGE (CC BY 2.0)

Shadow Lobbyist Crowley to Raise Money for Kennedy’s Race Against Green New Deal Chief Sponsor

Crowley is one of several revolving-door influence peddlers who will host an upcoming fundraiser for Kennedy.

Tax Prep Industry Hires More Lobbyists as IRS Announces Free E-File Pilot

The lucrative tax prep industry has pursued a decades-long lobbying campaign to block the IRS from developing a free online tax filing service.

Pharma Ally Kurt Schrader Cashes In on K Street

Schrader’s new lobbying employer works for numerous drug companies like Pfizer and Sanofi, plus industry trade association PhRMA.

Oakland Community Groups Call to Fund ‘Democracy Dollars’ Program

As budget cuts jeopardize the launch of a public campaign financing program approved by Oakland voters, community groups are mobilizing at town halls with a plan to keep the program on schedule this year.