DNC Chair Tom Perez
Chair of the Democratic National Committee Tom Perez greets the crowd at the start of the Democratic Presidential Debate at the Fox Theatre July 30, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The DNC is Taking Thousands From Fossil Fuel Executives

As it rejects a climate debate, the DNC is taking big contributions from individuals who own and run companies that profit from the burning of oil, gas, and coal.


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Gallego Opposes Progressives on Cutting Pentagon Budget

In repeated votes, Gallego has sided against amendments from his Progressive Caucus colleagues that would have reduced the Department of Defense budget by 10%.

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Apple Spent Record Amount on Lobbying as it Fought Antitrust Legislation

The company topped off its record lobbying year with a record fourth quarter.

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No Labels Makes Initial Investment in Bipartisan Presidential Ticket

The dark money group has spent millions of dollars preparing for a possible ticket with Sen. Joe Manchin as its presidential nominee in the event of a Biden-Trump rematch.