Mark Zuckerberg testifies before House Energy and Commerce Committee
WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 11: Facebook co-founder, Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

After Slapping Facebook on the Wrist, Will Kohm Go Through the Revolving Door?

Over 75 percent of top officials at the Commission over the last two decades have either come from corporate interests confronting FTC issues, mainly in the tech industry, or left to take such corporate jobs.

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Justin ‘No Bailouts’ Amash’s Company Received Up To $2 Million in Coronavirus Bailout Funds

Amash was one of the only representatives to oppose the CARES Act, which established the PPP program. He also voted against the TRUTH Act, which sought to increase transparency around companies that receive PPP funds.

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Big Donors and PACs Dominate Campaign Funding in Nearly Every State, Report Finds

Nearly three-quarters of contributions in state elections come from large donors and PACs, but small-dollar donations could make up that share if states move to adopt public financing for campaigns.

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EXPOSED: Reps Pass Bills That Benefit Their Own Private Companies

Nearly 100 House representatives hold positions at private companies. There's nothing stopping them from using their legislative power to pad their bottom lines.