Koch-Funded Group Seeks to Overturn Voter-Approved Tax on Arizona’s Wealthiest 1%

The right-wing Goldwater Institute has filed a lawsuit to overturn Proposition 208, passed by Arizona voters to help fund public education after years of budget cuts.

With Deceptive Measure, Missouri GOP Wins Back Power to Gerrymander

Voters approved a measure from state Republicans that reverses redistricting reforms passed on the ballot on 2018 while also making virtually meaningless tweaks to lobbying and campaign finance laws.

The ‘Dark Money’ Behind a Pro-Gerrymandering Measure in Missouri

The campaign behind a ballot measure to reverse Missouri's voter-approved redistricting reforms did not raise money from a single Missouri resident, instead relying on funding from GOP party groups and nondisclosing conservative nonprofits.

STOCK TICKER: A Critic of Trump’s Postal Policies, Wyden Stands to Benefit from Privatization

A new financial document shows Sen. Ron Wyden's (D-Ore.) spouse has been investing money with the post office's private competitors.

‘Liberate’ Rally Organizers Worked to Criminalize Anti-Pipeline Protests

The Save Our Country coalition, which supports “liberate” protesters, is deeply tied to ALEC, a conservative group that has helped to pass laws in eleven states ratcheting up penalties for protesting near oil and gas pipelines.

Missouri GOP Votes to Gut Anti-Gerrymandering Reform Approved by Voters

Amid the pandemic, Missouri Republicans are pushing a measure that could lead to a precedent helping the GOP gerrymander state districts throughout the country.

Democratic Party Backs ALEC-Tied Rep Against Progressive Challenger

Arizona Democrat Rep. Tom O’Halleran is an alumnus of corporate front group the American Legislative Exchange Council, but Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and the DCCC are helping him beat back a primary challenge from Democrat Eva Putzova.

Out With ALEC, In With Corporations Writing Their Own Laws

As the corporate bill mill wanes in influence, large businesses are taking matters into their own hands.

Koch-Backed Republicans Want to Tax Your Electric Car

The free-market economics devotee who owns an oil giant is bankrolling campaigns attacking electric car buyers and light rail systems.