The Capitol in Austin, Texas, one of the states with the highest share of campaign funding from large donors, PACs, and private companies.Photo by Jonathan Cutrer

Big Donors and PACs Dominate Campaign Funding in Nearly Every State, Report Finds

Nearly three-quarters of contributions in state elections come from large donors and PACs, but small-dollar donations could make up that share if states move to adopt public financing for campaigns.

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Kennedy to Refund Donations From Fossil Fuel Lobbyist

A lobbyist for natural gas and pipeline companies gave Kennedy the legal maximum contribution, a violation of the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge that Kennedy signed.

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Corporate Lobbyists Vote To Keep Corporate Lobbyists In the DNC

A measure to bar corporate lobbyists from serving on the DNC was rejected with several corporate lobbyists on the DNC Rules Committee voting against it.

How To Make Campaign Ads Less Terrible

A permanent, publicly-accessible archive of all campaign ads would make it easier to hold politicians accountable for what they say