Scott Pruitt Runs for Senate After Trip Through Revolving Door

Trump's former EPA chief is raising campaign cash from his fossil fuel industry consulting clients.

The Republican War Against Fossil Fuel Divestment

State and congressional Republican lawmakers are trying a bold new tack to stall the fossil fuel boycott and divestment movement — all the while oil and gas companies flood their campaign coffers.

Fossil Fuel Allies in Congress Stand With Embattled Rep. Henry Cuellar

Cuellar, who has the worst environmental voting record of any Democrat of Congress, faces a competitive primary challenge from Green New Deal-backer Jessica Cisneros.

Rearden Assisted With Key Evidence in Chevron Case Against Donziger

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says progressives misunderstand Biden nominee Jennifer Rearden's record representing companies including Chevron.

A Climate Wake-Up Call for the Chemical Industry

Government investigators say lax regulations are increasing the risk of extreme weather-related chemical disasters.

Manchin Sits on Foundation Board With Lobbyists

As he chairs the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Manchin's board mates seek to influence him on energy policy for their coal industry clients.

Oil Lobbyist Mary Landrieu’s Foundation Brings Together Members of Congress and Corporate Execs

Her group, which held its first event earlier this year, shares an executive director with a nonprofit funded by ExxonMobil and Dow Chemical to advocate for carbon pricing legislation.

Manchin’s Latest Donor Gift

The senator is opposing a Build Back Better Act provision to prohibit offshore oil drilling as his top donor prepares to dramatically increase its oil exporting business through a new offshore terminal for supertankers.

Real Estate and Private Equity Billionaires Set to Profit From NY Clean Grid Investments

By relying on public private partnerships, New York is virtually guaranteeing that wealthy businesses with deep political connections will substantially benefit from state investment.