Pelosi Super PAC Funds ‘Moderate Party’ Backing Rep. Malinowski

The Moderate Party is attempting to have Malinowski's name appear on the November ballot twice, giving him an advantage over his Republican rival.

Pelosi Super PAC Funds ‘Moderate Party’ Backing Rep. Malinowski
Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-N.J.)

A super PAC closely tied to Nancy Pelosi is funding a new “moderate” political party organization that is trying to help re-elect New Jersey Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski.

House Majority PAC donated $500,000 in September to the Moderate Party Independent Fund, according to a new disclosure filed with the Federal Election Commission. The Moderate Party has filed nominating petitions to make Malinowski’s name appear on the November ballot twice, once under the Democratic Party line and once under their own, new line. The House Majority PAC donation is the only money that the Moderate Party group has raised as of the end of September, according to the disclosure. Until today’s filing, it was not publicly known that the group was being funded by a Democratic PAC.

Malonowski wrote on Twitter in June that he had accepted an endorsement from the newly established Moderate Party, writing that it had been “formed by Republicans and Independents fed up with the extremism of today’s GOP, and eager to heal our country’s divisions.” In  attempting to give voters multiple party-line options to vote for Malinowski, the group seeks to provide the candidate an advantage over his Republican rival Thomas Kean. 

“The Moderate Party was formed by Americans who believe that we have too much extremism—on the left and right,” the political party’s website states. The website has the text “Moderate Party Independent Fund” at the top, above a headline that reads “Moderate Party of New Jersey.”

One of the group’s co-founders is lifelong Republican Richard A Wolfe, the former mayor of East Amwell Township. In an interview with Insider NJ, Wolf said the goal of the Moderate Party is to give disaffected Republicans a way to vote for a Democrat without supporting the Democratic Party.