No Labels Appears to Be Losing Board Members

Two more board members, with No Labels since 2009 and 2011, have been dropped from its roster as the dark money group readies a third-party presidential ticket.

No Labels Appears to Be Losing Board Members
Mark Penn at the No Labels 2017 Problem Solvers Conference in Washington, D.C.

Since it kicked off its work to secure a ballot line in all 50 states for a third-party presidential ticket, No Labels has lost three board members—one who broke publicly with the group over its plans, and two who were quietly removed from the group’s website.

Brookings Institution Senior Fellow William A. Galston broke ties with No Labels in April, warning that a No Labels ticket would operate as a spoiler for President Biden’s re-election campaign and benefit Donald Trump’s efforts to undermine democracy. Galston, a Democrat, wrote soon after in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, “if a No Labels ticket receives even a tiny share of the vote in key states, Mr. Trump could end up back in the Oval Office.” Galston had been a board member since 2016 of No Labels’ 501(c)3 arm, previously called the No Labels Foundation and then The New Center, according to its tax returns. 

Two other individuals were recently removed by No Labels from its legal board webpage: campaign finance lawyer Kenneth A. Gross, a senior political law counsel at lobbying firm Akin Gump; and Margie Fox, a partner at marketing agency Marine Lane. Neither responded to requests for comment.