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Donald Trump talks to supporters at a campaign rally in an airplane hanger at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport in Bentonville, Ark. on February 27, 2016. Benjamin Krain/Getty Images

Trump’s Megadonors Contribute to Racist House Candidate Disavowed by GOP

Poultry magnate Ronald Cameron and Mar-a-Lago member Anthony Lomangino maxed out to the congressional campaign of disgraced racist Seth Grossman of New Jersey.

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A Lobbyist Raising Money for Biden Is Fighting Measures to Crack Down on Foreign Election Influence

Ken Jarin, who is raising money for Biden's campaign, leads Ballard Spahr’s government affairs operation, which lobbies for subsidiaries of foreign companies opposing efforts to improve lobbying transparency and prevent foreign election influence.

To Reassert Its Lost Power, Congress Must Join the 21st Century

An obscure congressional committee may help make Congress relevant again.

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These Corporations and Public Charities Funded the State Abortion Bans

A Sludge investigation has uncovered the sources of millions of dollars behind advocacy efforts to pass a slew of state abortion bans this year.