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Revolving Door

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Shadow Lobbyist Crowley to Raise Money for Kennedy’s Race Against Green New Deal Chief Sponsor

Crowley is one of several revolving-door influence peddlers who will host an upcoming fundraiser for Kennedy.

With A Conference In Colorado, Big Tech Woos Its Regulators

A think tank funded by Silicon Valley hosted key decision-makers for the industry’s future.


After Slapping Facebook on the Wrist, Will Kohm Go Through the Revolving Door?

Over 75 percent of top officials at the Commission over the last two decades have either come from corporate interests confronting FTC issues, mainly in the tech industry, or left to take such corporate jobs.

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Under Investigation for Marketing to Teens, Juul Hires a Powerful Insider in Massachusetts

Vape company Juul adds former Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley to its government affairs team as current Massachusetts Attorney General, Maura Healey, goes after the company for targeting teens.

Defeated by AOC, Crowley Now Pushes Trump’s Trade Deal for K Street

Crowley lends insider knowledge to his former-donors-turned-current-employers’ efforts to get Trump’s package of pro-corporate “trade” provisions passed.

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Shadow Lobbyist Joe Crowley is Poised to Advance Shell Oil’s Tax Interests

The Bipartisan Policy Center announced that Crowley will lead an initiative to develop infrastructure funding proposals including ending the government's reliance on the gas tax. Crowley’s new lobbying firm has been pushing the same thing for years on behalf of Shell Oil.

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Jon Kyl Voted for New Nukes After Taking Payments From Nuclear Company

The senator-turned-lobbyist-turned-senator-turned-lobbyist had a paid board seat at one nuclear company and lobbied for two others. Then he joined the Senate.