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Articles By Max Moran

Kamala Harris’ Deep History Of Letting Facebook Off The Hook

Vice president candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) has gone easy on Facebook and tech giants for years, and in her 2020 presidential bid she was rewarded with many maxed-out contributions from Silicon Valley executives.


With A Conference In Colorado, Big Tech Woos Its Regulators

A think tank funded by Silicon Valley hosted key decision-makers for the industry’s future.


After Slapping Facebook on the Wrist, Will Kohm Go Through the Revolving Door?

Over 75 percent of top officials at the Commission over the last two decades have either come from corporate interests confronting FTC issues, mainly in the tech industry, or left to take such corporate jobs.


Big Tech Has an App for Fighting Political Scrutiny: $$$$

As Big Tech has worked to establish its hard and soft power throughout Washington, this week's regulatory hearings showed signs that lawmakers' understanding of Silicon Valley's influence may be catching up.