Gin Armstrong is a senior research analyst focused on regional and state power mapping. Previously, she spent several years in the bike industry to recover from her research roles at Media Matters for America and GMU’s Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. She is based in Buffalo, NY.

Articles By Gin Armstrong

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New PR Group Formed to Push Private Prison Industry Talking Points

Facing a backlash from profiting off the family separation and detention crisis, GEO Group and other top prison companies have formed a new group to promote their talking points and burnish their image.

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Not Just Exxon: Paul Weiss Defends Many Rogue Corporations

From Big Tobacco to opioid crisis profiteering, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP has made millions from defending some of the most repugnant corporate villains of recent decades

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Mike Pence Set to Mingle With Wall Street Billionaires at Major Financial Conference

Pence will attend the Delivering Alpha conference along with hedge fund billionaires tied to some of the gravest problems humanity faces today.