Relentlessly uncovering corruption.

Co-founder of Sludge. David previously worked as director of the non-profit Participatory Politics Foundation, creating free and open-source technology for civic engagement. PPF’s flagship website, the congressional transparency resource OpenCongress, received 70 million page views between 2007-2013, with hundreds of thousands of users tracking bills, campaign contributions, and votes to follow the money.

David and PPF developed Contact-Congress, the first libre & open-source system for any website to deliver messages through to congressional webforms. Contact-Congress was later used by Fight For the Future, EFF, Action Network, and other groups to power advocacy for millions of members every month.

PPF also developed AskThem, the first question-and-answer platform for every U.S. elected official; the GovKit Ruby gem, for aggregating open government API’s; and NYC Councilmatic, the first open-data website for NYC Council legislation and more city government information such as public meeting agendas. There’s still lots to do to liberate public info and support independent culture. He lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn (NYC Council district 37).

Articles By David Moore

Ban Members of Congress From Lobbying For Life

The massive corporate bailout shows that lobbyists have their grip on Washington. Congress' next ethics reform package needs to slam shut the revolving door.

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Tom Perez Put Corporate Lobbyists in Charge of the DNC’s Budget

Six of the ten members of the DNC Budget and Finance Committee are at-large, put forward by Chair Tom Perez, and several are lobbyists or investment heads for the fossil fuel industry.

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Top Democratic Law Firm Helps Oil Companies Dodge Climate Regulations

Perkins Coie, a law firm with deep ties to the Democratic Party, is lobbying for fossil fuel clients to win exemptions from a federal program to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

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Corporate Lobbyists Control the Rules at the DNC

Two-thirds of DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee members are corporate lobbyists or corporate consultants, including ten at-large DNC members appointed by DNC Chair Tom Perez.

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Top DNC Committee is Packed With Corporate Lobbyists

The DNC Executive Committee, which can adopt changes to the convention superdelegate process, contains lobbyists for companies that oppose progressive policies like Medicare for All and a Green New Deal.

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Bloomberg Surrogates Have Seats on DNC Rules Committees

After DNC Chair Tom Perez unilaterally changed the Feb. 19 presidential debate requirements, opening the door for Mike Bloomberg, two campaign surrogates are in position to propose changes to superdelegate voting rules for the July DNC Convention.

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‘No Corporate PAC Money’ Dems Keep Taking Corporate PAC Money

Six House Democrats who pledged not to accept corporate PAC donations are still receiving corporate money through a PAC set up by the campaign treasurer of Rep. Max Rose, co-sponsor with Rep. Josh Harder of the Ban Corporate PACs Act.

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Is Your Rep Invested in Fossil Fuels?

Use the interactive map below to see if your representative owns stock in oil, gas, and coal companies.

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The Members of Congress Who Profit From War

Here are the senators and representatives who own stock in Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and other top defense contractors.