Co-founder of Sludge. David previously worked as director of the non-profit Participatory Politics Foundation, creating free and open-source technology for civic engagement. PPF’s flagship website, the congressional transparency resource OpenCongress, received 70 million page views between 2007-2013, with hundreds of thousands of users tracking bills, campaign contributions, and votes to follow the money.

David and PPF developed Contact-Congress, the first libre & open-source system for any website to deliver messages through to congressional webforms. Contact-Congress was later used by Fight For the Future, EFF, Action Network, and other groups to power advocacy for millions of members every month.

PPF also developed AskThem, the first question-and-answer platform for every U.S. elected official; the GovKit Ruby gem, for aggregating open government API’s; and NYC Councilmatic, the first open-data website for NYC Council legislation and more city government information such as public meeting agendas. There’s still lots to do to liberate public info and support independent culture. He lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn (NYC Council district 37).

Articles By David Moore

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New Ohio Speaker Has His Own Ethics Issues Involving FirstEnergy

Bob Cupp, who replaced indicted former speaker Larry Householder, was the subject of a judicial ethics complaint involving campaign contributions from FirstEnergy, one of his top donors and the company that allegedly bribed Householder.

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Corporate Lobbyists Vote To Keep Corporate Lobbyists In the DNC

A measure to bar corporate lobbyists from serving on the DNC was rejected with several corporate lobbyists on the DNC Rules Committee voting against it.

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‘It’s a Secret, a (c)(4) Is a Secret’: Dark Money Powers $60 Million Bribery Scheme in Ohio

Last week, the FBI arrested Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and four associates in a bribery investigation over a law that sends $1 billion from ratepayers to bail out two nuclear power plants.

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Dems Voting Against Pentagon Cuts Got 3.4x More Money From the Defense Industry

The Pocan amendment, rejected by defense-backed Democrats and all Republicans, would have cut next year's military budget by 10%.

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Following Sludge Report, Kennedy’s Trust Fund Sells Fossil Fuel Stocks

Rep. Joe Kennedy said this week that his family trusts had divested from oil and gas company stocks, though one of the funds recently bought stock in Berkshire Hathaway, a conglomerate which owns natural gas and coal companies.

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Dark Money Floods in to State Elections, Revealing Cracks in Disclosure Laws

Political spending in state elections by LLC's and nonprofit groups has surged in the decade since Citizens United, but some states are leading the way in strengthening disclosure laws around who’s buying and funding campaign ads.

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Trump Admin Bails Out Oil and Gas Companies That Gave Millions to GOP Groups

As the economy collapsed in the pandemic, oil and gas companies that have donated over $10 million to Republican super PACs got tax breaks and lease pauses from Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, a former fossil fuel industry lobbyist.

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Big Donors and PACs Dominate Campaign Funding in Nearly Every State, Report Finds

Nearly three-quarters of contributions in state elections come from large donors and PACs, but small-dollar donations could make up that share if states move to adopt public financing for campaigns.

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As Markets Crashed, DeVos Sold Shares in Secretive Cayman Island Fund

Billionaire Education Secretary Betsy DeVos sold up to $5 million in securities through an offshore fund that appears in the Paradise Papers.