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Sludge Turns One

Sludge's investigative journalism on money in politics has had big impacts over the past year. To continue this muckraking work, we're seeking more of our readers to become Sludge Members.

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NY Assembly Leaders Get Very Little Dough from Actual Humans in Their Districts

In the wake of the New York Assembly’s surprise punt on creating a public campaign finance system, a new report highlights the extent to which Assembly leaders rely on corporations and out-of-district donors to fund their campaigns.

Announcing SludgeWire

SludgeWire is a new subscription service for news alerts on money in politics, for newsrooms, watchdogs, other issue groups. Get in touch to discuss how you can customize email alerts for everything you're tracking in Congress and in states.

Civil Launches Today

The Civil publishing platform is a new token-curated registry for ethical journalism, governed by a co-op of independent newsrooms over the Ethereum blockchain.

Sludge Publishes Full Text of Investigation to Ethereum Blockchain

Archiving work permanently on Ethereum offers new options for independent journalism—made possible by the Civil Publisher, coming soon to a Wordpress near you.

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NYC Progressives Coalesce Around Campaign Finance Ballot Initiative

A coalition including national money-in-politics groups Every Voice and the public policy organization Demos, as well as good-government groups Reinvent Albany and major labor unions, rallied last week in support of a ballot initiative that seeks to strengthen New York City's campaign finance system.

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Paul Ryan-Linked Super PAC Dominates Spending in Race to Choose His Replacement

Eighty-six percent of outside spending in the battleground district has come from a Ryan-aligned super PAC, whose rush of fear-mongering immigration ads are funded largely by the billionaire mega-donor Adelsons.

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Take (Donors and Lobbyists) Out to the Ball Games

A Sludge data analysis finds that leadership PACs, which are less regulated than candidate committees, are spending on tickets for members of Congress to schmooze with lobbyists and campaign donors.

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Impacts of Sludge’s Reporting (So Far)

Sludge's investigative journalism has already had impacts to date: a public hearing and new legislation in the NYC Council, an elections complaint submitted by a watchdog group to the New York Board of Elections, donations returned from white supremacist candidates, and more.