The DNC is trying to hide its members. But we got the list of names. Chip in!
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Sludge Publishes Full Text of Investigation to Ethereum Blockchain

Archiving work permanently on Ethereum offers new options for independent journalism—made possible by the Civil Publisher, coming soon to a Wordpress near you.

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Fossil Fuel Ad Campaigns Emphasize ‘Positives’ After Climate Denial Lands Industry in Hot Seat

Fossil fuel companies and astroturf industry groups are retooling their messaging to avoid accusations of climate science denial.

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Presidential Candidates Get Cash From Major Fossil Fuel Investors

Upper-level employees and executives at 14 hedge funds and private equity firms that are propping up the oil and gas industry have made large contributions to eight Democratic White House hopefuls, most who have taken the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge.

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Revealed: How U.S. Senators Invest in the Firms They’re Supposed to Regulate

As they legislate on important matters, over 50 senators enjoy investments in major communications, defense, finance, energy, and health companies that Congress oversees.