Screen grab of the moment that Sludge activated its smart contract to publish from Civil to the Ethereum blockchain, 10:34 am ET.

Sludge Publishes Full Text of Investigation to Ethereum Blockchain

Archiving work permanently on Ethereum offers new options for independent journalism—made possible by the Civil Publisher, coming soon to a Wordpress near you.

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Hospital Lobby Shells Out For Its ‘Friend in Washington’ Richie Neal

The American Hospital Association is boosting the Massachusetts Democrat who blocked surprise billing reform.

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New Ohio Speaker Has His Own Ethics Issues Involving FirstEnergy

Bob Cupp, who replaced indicted former speaker Larry Householder, was the subject of a judicial ethics complaint involving campaign contributions from FirstEnergy, one of his top donors and the company that allegedly bribed Householder.

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Kennedy to Refund Donations From Fossil Fuel Lobbyist

A lobbyist for natural gas and pipeline companies gave Kennedy the legal maximum contribution, a violation of the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge that Kennedy signed.