Analytics by Alethio at the 2018 Ethereal Summit in NYC.David, SLUDGE

Civil Token Sale Is Live

Blockchain (in addition to permanence) makes possible tokens, which make possible a registry, which makes possible community standards, which make possible network effects, which make possible more membership and subscription sustainability models for local news & investigative journalism.

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Bank Lobby’s Pro-Tillis Ad Follows Legislative Favors from the Senator

Deregulatory provisions from the banking industry's wishlist were sponsored by Tillis and added to the CARES Act.

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Ohio GOP Leader Co-Wrote Bailout Bills With Lobbyists for Energy Companies Behind Alleged Bribery Scheme

Ohio House Leader Bill Seitz, the third-ranking Republican who is considering a run for speaker next year, advanced energy industry bailout bills since 2017 that are now part of a federal investigation.

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Congressional Leader Lays Down Marker in Revolving-Door Battle

Rep. Raúl Grijalva has built a coalition of outside groups committed to barring corporate insiders from executive branch positions. Now he wants House members to sign on.