Analytics by Alethio at the 2018 Ethereal Summit in NYC.David, SLUDGE

Civil Token Sale Is Live

Blockchain (in addition to permanence) makes possible tokens, which make possible a registry, which makes possible community standards, which make possible network effects, which make possible more membership and subscription sustainability models for local news & investigative journalism.

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With Endless Muck to Rake, Sludge Turns Three

Our nonprofit newsroom has stayed paywall-free, allowing our money-in-politics stories to be shared widely. We're asking more of our readers to help by becoming Sludge members.

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Fossil Fuel-Funded Think Tank Takes Tonko to Coal Country

The Bipartisan Policy Center is a D.C. think tank that presents itself as being above the fray of petty politics and concerned instead with the very serious business of crafting policies built on “the best ideas from both parties.”

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Manchin’s Proposal Cuts Campaign Finance and Ethics Reforms From S1

Joe Manchin seeks to strip the For the People Act of a public campaign financing option, conflict of interest rules, and key criteria for preclearance of election procedures.